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Every day E-Motion organizes integral yoga courses and lessons with Anukalana approach (a soft, natural and fluid approach suitable for everyone), hatha yoga and, for those who want a more dynamic style, we have vinyasa anukalana yoga and power yoga lessons.

“movement transforms”
“energy follows the mind”

Moving in the right way, respecting the nature of the body and in particular your own constitution, allows you to enter the positions in an excellent way, avoiding damage to the joints, promoting openness and elongation. Anukalana is an approach to yoga that integrates disciplines such as dance, martial arts and the principles that derive from biomechanics and motor sciences. During practice the body moves in a natural and fluid way following the natural rhythm of breathing. Thanks to this practice you will find a new physical and mental flexibility.

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“movement is the essence of life”

Always following the Anukalana approach, Vinyasa Anukalana Yoga is a more dynamic, fluid and creative style. The Shiva phase (stable phase) and the Shakti phase (dynamic phase) follow each other at the rhythm of our breath Vinyasa can be translated from Sanskrit and means to position in a special way. This leads to conceiving Vinyasa as a way of performing positions in sequence and in rhythm with your own breath. Continuous movement synchronized with the exhale. Movement and breath are united so that one supports the other. It is an intense but relaxed practice.


“Yoga to find balance strength and elasticity”

The fundamental characteristic of Hatha Yoga is that it is practicable by everyone. Provides benefits to the body: increases muscle tone, elasticity, balance, abdominal muscles, decreases fat mass. At the same time it improves the general state of health: elimination of toxins, stimulation of vital organs (digestive, respiratory, sexual ...), improvement of cardiac functioning and endurance. Thanks to the concentration and willpower it requires, hatha yoga also positively influences the mind. Stress and anxiety gradually decrease, and after a few sessions there is a profound well-being that affects daily life and relationships with others.


“A modern yoga is an active, dynamic and intense practice”

Power Yoga is a practice that maintains all the basic principles of yoga, marrying them with those of modern western gymnastics, combines the benefits of mental and skeletal muscle offered by Yoga with the benefits of cardiovascular training. In Power Yoga, the positions of yoga the "Asanas" are modified but never distorted, what essentially changes is the rhythm of the exercises. a new dynamic and complete physical activity. Furthermore, the dynamism of the movements have a good effect from the cardiovascular point of view. Power Yoga can be considered a truly complete physical activity.


possibility of private lessons on request

Yoga SUP Courses and Lessons

On Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 to 10 we organize Sup Yoga lessons.
For the well-being of the body and mind, doing yoga on a sup board is the trend of the moment. To find balance, strength and flexibility. Between sky and water immersed in the magic of nature with different practices, you will be able to find your inner calm and reconnect with yourself. Suitable for everyone for those who have never practiced yoga or for those who love yoga and want to try a different experience.

The lesson lasts about 1 hour and is divided into three parts:
The first part allows us to listen to our breath, relax the mind and slowly warm up the body.
The second part provides the practice of asanas for everyone of strength and balance.
The final part of relaxation and total abandonment in the nature between sky and water to find peace in nature and within us.
An experience for all and for all levels.

To practice SUP-YOGA, comfortable clothing, a costume or leggings / shorts with a T-shirt / tank top is recommended.

For all informations please write to info@e-motionbike.com


Single Lesson
15,00 €
Packet 5 Lesson
55,00 €