• lago di como noleggio SUP stand up Paddle
  • lago di como noleggio SUP stand up Paddle
  • lago di como noleggio SUP stand up Paddle

Great news this year every morning at E-MOTION in collaboration with @safewaterman you can also rent sup (stand up paddle) a table with an oar will allow you to explore the most beautiful beaches of the Alto Lario. Come and discover the most beautiful routes. A sport for everyone!


The rental service is available 7 days a week in the morning from 09.00 to 13.00 upon availability of SUP and booking. The rental is allowed from 15 years of age, it is mandatory to use a life jacket and the safety leash that connects the table to a valid identification document is required for stipulating the rental contract and good swimming skills. Contact us and book your SUP Experience!


Weekly Card
35,00 €

OPEN Card valid for 7 days for GYM-YOGA Lessons and SUP-YOGA

for the well-being of the body and mind, doing yoga on a sup board is the trend of the moment. To find balance, strength and flexibility. Between sky and water immersed in the magic of nature with different practices, you will be able to find your inner calm and reconnect with yourself. Suitable for everyone for those who have never practiced yoga or for those who love yoga and want to try a different experience


Imagine lying on the SUP table, in the middle of an enchanted bay, with crystal clear waters, white sand and green mountains. Imagine listening to the sounds of water and nature. Your mat becomes the table and your floor is the entire surface of Lake Como, challenging your strength and balance with the warmth of the setting sun and the fresh breeze of the lake that caress your skin.

How does it work?
A session of Sup Yoga always starts with warm-up exercises on the ground. Only after this first step do you get on the table and enter the water. Once you arrive at a fairly deep point and after finding an anchor, you begin the session which usually begins and ends with the lotus position but which also includes more complex positions, keeping deep breathing constant. This yoga technique also has a symbolic value: leaving stress on the ground and water, which has always been linked to purification, gives new life to the mind.

What are the benefits?
Can waves sweep away anxiety? Looking at the benefits of Sup Yoga, it would seem so (although, to really understand it, you should try it). Moreover, practicing it would bring enormous benefits to the body, precisely because to do so it is necessary to exploit all the muscles, without exception: having to remain in balance, even the most dormant are forced. And so, the remodeling of the body would seem total: from the legs to the arms, from the back to the abdomen. Buffalo or truth, you might as well try: at the limit you can make up for it with a nice dip in the lake's waters.


The lesson lasts about 1 hour and is divided into three parts. the first part allows us to listen to our breath, relax the mind and slowly warm up the body. The second part includes the practice of asanas for everyone of strength and balance.
The final part of relaxation and total abandonment in the nature between sky and water to find peace in nature and within us. An experience for all and for all levels.
To practice SUP-YOGA, comfortable clothing, a costume or leggings / shorts with a T-shirt / tank top are recommended.

the activities are aimed at registered members. The membership fee is € 10.00

Single Lesson
15,00 €
Packet 5 Lessons
55,00 €


How does it work?
Contact the e-motionbike Center to find out about the availability of SUPs, indicating the day and time that interest me

What documents do I have to present?
It is necessary to present an identity document, Identity Card or Passport in order to sign the lease for each individual SUP

Do I have to book?
Recommended to book by mail or telephone indicating the number of people and the number of SUPs you wish to rent, the day and time of the rental. When booking, it will be necessary to provide general information, a telephone number and an email to receive the booking confirmation

When does the payment take place?
Payment will be made at our center either before or after the rental. Payment can be made in cash or by credit card.

I am insured?
During the practice of SUP you are insured for Third Party Liability.

What should I bring with me?
For the rental of the SUP it is necessary to bring a valid ID, cash or credit card for payment. Our center will supply all the necessary materials for the use of SUPs: life jacket, paddles, watertight bags for personal items, wetsuits for adults and children, waterproof covers for mobile phones.
Technical material and clothing are included?
Yes! All technical equipment and clothing to perform any activity is provided by our center and included in the rental service cost.