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How long can I cancel my booking?
You can do it for free by 6.00 pm on the day before the rental.

How far can I go with a battery?
The battery life of a mountain bike depends on many factors. Our batteries are lithium-ion batteries, so they last longer than lead-acid batteries. The duration depends on the type of terrain, the weight of the pilot and the level of assistance you will set.

Isn't it dangerous to go with an e-bike? I'm afraid of speed.
There is no danger: they are mountain bikes with pedal assistance thanks to an electric motor. You choose the speed you want to go: the one your legs allow! If you do not ride, you will remain still.

280/5000 What happens if I am without a battery?
Our e-bikes have a motor that allows you to pedal freely even without the use of a battery. It will be a bit more tiring, but you will make it! We will, however, inform you of any top-up points available on the route.

I don't know the routes, what can I do?
Choose our guide! With everything you need for your excursion, you will be given a small guide to better enjoy your day. Local maps are also available. If you want to live the experience 100%, we suggest you to choose the guided tour package: you will have a professional guide.

What happens if it rains?
We advise you to pay particular attention to the weather forecast before booking or contacting our staff for safety.

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