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On this page we offer an overview of our electric mountain bikes, with their specifications, equipment and accessories. Fun is the feeling that we always try to increase and there is no better way than to go out on some nice singletracks to forget all worries.

Our E-Mountainbikes give you the power to ride on multiple trails. Pedal assistance is silent and your exits on the trail will be more and more fun and you will always reach higher and then face breathtaking descents. Specialized Turbo Levo (full)it is ideal for any path, especially for more demanding single tracks. Turbo Levo Hardtail (front)is an e-mountainbike suitable for everyone and for any path lighter and more manageable.

The new Turbo Levo is the result of the work of a group of Swiss engineers, never satisfied until when they can't make you experience a better bike ride than you've ever thought possible. A new frame. A new engine. A new battery. New generation software. The new Turbo Levo has been completely rebuilt lighter, stiffer and more manageable. the battery autonomy has been increased by 40% and equipped with the most fluid, silent and powerful engine in its category. Completely renewed frame in M5 Premium alloy with asymmetrical design, and Trail geometry, capable and comfortable at the same time. Also the kinematics has been perfected as well as the programmed rigidity. , the battery is integrated in the down tube and the motor is housed in a safer and lighter way.

The Specialized 2.1 dedicated engine with Rx Trail calibration is more efficient, smaller and lighter than the previous version. It is thus in the high end of e-bike engines and has unique features such as instant pedal engagement, excellent heat management, a dual free-wheel design that interrupts the flow if you arrive at maximum speed and a fluid output , silent and constant, even at the maximum level. New Specialized M2 series battery with 500Wh capacity, integrated in the frame and easily removable.
If we had to sum up the Turbo Levo Hardtail Comp in three words, they'd be efficiency, power, and fun. That's because this bike takes the crazy-efficiency that 29ers are known for and combines it with modern trail bike geometry and exclusive tech to give you the power to ride more trails...and have more fun.

The Turbo Levo Hardtail has all of the speed and nimble handling that our trail bikes are known for—an easy fit, ultra-short chainstays for nimble handling, and a low bottom bracket that makes the bike feel glued to the trail. In other words, it rides like an awesome mountain bike first and foremost—what would be the point, otherwise?

The Turbo Levo Hardtail’s 1.3 motor smoothly and quietly adds power to your pedals and makes climbing the steepest of trails nearly effortless. Plus, you can adjust that power output, to conserve energy and get the most miles from every charge. Our custom motors also feature instant pedal engagement, so you get immediate power the moment you need it and consistent torque throughout your entire cadence range.
  • M5 premium aluminum frame is light yet strong, nimble yet confident.
  • Smooth, natural power assist courtesy of our custom motors and software.
  • RockShox Recon RL 29er fork, Shimano hydraulic disc brakes and Deore drivetrain.