SUP is an easy and fun watersport. There are no physical or age limits and it is suitable for everyone.

A full range of brand new models of boards and paddles

Our SUP center offer a complete range of SUP boards and paddles with excellent build quality and easy to use. You will be free to rent the equipment by Safewaterman for a one or two hour self trip. Our range of boards include all-round, cruiser, race, windsup boards. Every morning at E-motionbike you can also rent sup (stand up paddle) a board with an oar will allow you to explore the most beautiful beaches of the Alto Lario. Come and discover the most beautiful trails. A sport for everyone! SUP, stand up paddle surfing, is a surface water sport, a variant of surfing where the athlete uses a paddle to move while standing on a surfboard. Stand up paddle board surfing is a derivation from Polynesian tradition.
. In the Hawaiaan language it is defined as: standing, paddling, surfing, a wave.
The popularity of the modern version of SUP has its origin in the Hawaiian Islands and grew when Hawaiian surfers began using SUP as a training alternative.

The rental service is available 7 days a week in the morning from 09.00 to 13.00 upon availability of the SUP and reservation.
. The rental is allowed from 15 years of age, it is mandatory to use a life jacket and safety leash that connects the board to the ankle. A valid identification document is required to sign the rental contract and good swimming skills. Contact us and book your SUP Experience!

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Yoga SUP. For the well-being of body and mind

Simply put, SUP yoga (stand up paddle board yoga) is practicing yoga on a stand up paddle board in the middle of a body of water. SUP yoga is best practiced on calm bodies of water like lakes, bays or harbors. SUP Yoga has several amazing health benefits and so does stand up paddle boarding. If you were to combine both paddle boarding and SUP yoga, your work out would increase immensely. In short, paddle boarding is a full-body workout, meaning it works your legs, back, core, shoulders, and arms.


The lesson lasts about 1 hour and is divided into three parts. The first part allows us to listen to our breath, relax the mind and slowly warm up the body. The second part involves the practice of asanas for all strength and balance. The final part of relaxation and total abandonment in nature between sky and water to find peace in nature and within ourselves. An experience for everyone and for all levels. To practice SUP-YOGA is recommended comfortable clothing, a costume or leggings / shorts with a T-shirt / tank top.

the activities are addressed to registered members. The membership fee is €10.00.

There are some contrasting elements between practicing yoga on land vs water. Stand up paddle yoga incorporates hatha and vinyasa flows which require different adjustments that you will not be used to if you have only practiced yoga on land.
For example: On land, you’re always grounded, and on a paddle board, you’re constantly moving with the wind and current, while also balancing on a restricted surface.
Because of these restrictions on the water, SUP yoga requires intense focus and balance to keep your paddle board steady when holding or transitioning between poses. Ultimately, these new challenges will refine your technique on land and work muscles you aren’t used to. Another amazing benefit to practicing yoga on the water vs. land is that you will be doing it outdoors on a beautiful, calm body of water. You will be breathing in fresh air with every pose you do and when you open your eyes, you can appreciate the beautiful scenery surrounding you. Ultimately, practicing yoga outside is a relaxing, calming experience.

How does it works?
A Sup Yoga session always begins with some warm-up exercises on land. Only after this first step you get on the board and enter the water. Once arrived at a fairly deep point and after having found an anchorage, you begin the session which, usually, always begins and ends with the lotus position but which also includes more complex positions, maintaining constant deep breathing. This yoga technique also has a symbolic value: you leave the stress on the ground and water, which has always been linked to purification, gives new life to the mind.

What are the benefits?
Can waves sweep away anxiety? Looking at the benefits of Sup Yoga, it would seem so (even if, to really understand it, one would have to try it). Moreover, practicing it would bring enormous benefits to the body, precisely because to do so it is necessary to exploit all the muscles, none excluded: having to remain in balance, even the most dormant ones are strained. And so, the remodeling of the body would seem total: from the legs to the arms, from the back to the abdomen. Hoax or truth, you might as well try it: at the very least, you can make up for it with a dip in the lake.


Single Lesson
15,00 €
5 Lessons Package
65,00 €


How does it work?
I contact the e-motionbike Center to know the availability of the UAS, indicating the day and time that I am interested

. What documents do I need to present?
You will need to present an identification document, ID card or passport in order to sign the rental contract for each SUP

. Should I make a reservation?
We recommend that you make a reservation via email or telephone indicating the number of people and the number of UAS you wish to rent, the day and time of rental. When booking you will need to provide personal details, a phone number and an email to receive confirmation of booking

. When is the payment made?
The payment will be made at our center either before or after the rental. The payment can be made in cash or by credit card. Am I insured?
During the practice of SUP you are insured for Civil Liability towards third parties. What do I need to bring with me?
. To rent the SUP you must bring a valid identification document, cash or credit card for payment. Our center will provide you with all the necessary materials for the use of the SUP: life jackets, paddles, waterproof bags for personal items, wetsuits for adults and children, waterproof covers for cell phones.

Are the technical equipment and clothing included?
Yes! Yes! All the technical material and clothing to be able to perform any activity is provided by our center and included in the cost of the rental service.


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